Amazing Teachers

Our teachers have the best pole, dance, contortion and personal training backgrounds in the business.

  • Stephanie Lea

    Stephanie Lea has been been pole dancing for over 4 years and loves to compete and perform.


    Monica loves all things floor work & exotic pole. She has been teaching pole for 7 years and yoga for 2. In her classes she’ll turn the music up, lights down low, & encourage you to just freestyle without inhibitions.

  • Nel C

    Nel C poles is an O.G. poler and has been teaching in the DMV for a million years. She regularly competes and holds the title of most entertaining pole dancer over 30 on the east coast.

    Gigi Holliday

    Gigi Holliday is a burlesque sensation! She runs several burlesque festivals, competes, dances and teaches.

    Colleen Jolly

    Colleen is an AFAA-certified personal trainer and elevatED certified pole instructor. She is the CEO of the PoleCon and competes in pro-level pole competitions.

  • Laydia Olusa

    Laydia has been poling and teaching pole and chair for three years. Her acrobatic feats of strength will have you amazed and begging for more!

    Meaghan Bresnan

    Certified Crossfit instructor and an aerial dancer, Meaghan is known for incorporating her slow/sensual style into her pole and lyra classes. You’ll learn how to slink!

Now teaching in-person classes AND parties!